October 7th, 2007 + 7:10 PM  ·  Samuel

rough first recording, you can hear someone talking on it and it should have some lyrics soon, so dont expect much


June 29th, 2005 + 11:06 PM  ·  Samuel

here it is as promised the full version, theres a few bits i'm not too happy with but as ever windows sound recorder is not the tool for the job and i couldn't take starting the entire piece over again for every mistake in theres a few, but you get the general feel of it.

hope you enjoy it, and if you voted for the old one i hope you'll switch your vote to this one if you find time, but if not no worries, i put the songs up for the feedback not because i think they have a chance of winning

well enjoy (i hope)


June 24th, 2005 + 11:06 AM  ·  Samuel

this is an acoustic song i wrote maybe 2/3 years is much longer than this, but i couldn't be bothered to record the whole thing so your missing about 3/4 different sections to this one.
but i like it its the thing i'm most proud of writing and at some point i'll put up the entire song for you all to criticise, and make fun of

enjoy it i hope

The Longest Night

June 8th, 2005 + 9:06 PM  ·  Samuel

umm it was an improvised riff i decided to put some backing and extra lead parts to...its a guitar instrumental done in an afternoon with no real planning about half a second latency on recording and no sound to hear it while i was all honesty its a mircle it turned out as well as it did...and dont ask me what the name is about i dont have a clue...just trying to get attention probably.

any constructive criticism on my playing style/technique would be much appreciated
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